Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a good guide to a cool martini


I meant to share this recipe with you just after we opened the bar and were researching cocktails. We have a copy of the Diffords Guide and when PerryA and I seek a spirited muse, she tosses this honkin' book my way. I flip through the pages at random and dart a finger at the ingredients list of an unsuspecting drink recipe. If the bar stocks the goods, she gets mixing.

One night, long long ago (in November) we tag-teamed this rosy bevy. Although the scent of tequila whiffs me towards memories of dizzying nights swirled through dance clubs and the all-day achy-headed sleepfests that followed, my curiosity won. How would the melon, cranberry and tequila taste together? A few months and rounds later, I still marvel at the flavor this triple play ignites. I solicited others to sneak a sip just to be sure what I was tasting really was...Well, let's not spoil the surprise for you.

This book is a hefty companion. Lucky for you, the recipe is available online. Feel free to pour the blend into a martini glass. At the time of this photo, we didn't have any yet and I don't stray from what works.

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