Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a sign of things to come

soon-to-be letters

The Bartender is a hands on kinda guy.


If he wants a boat, he buys the shell of a priceless vintage wooden boat and restores her to a lovely version of her former self. His adherence to the nuances of authenticity are admirable. His dedication to a decade-long project humbles me.

the work ahead

When he has a vision of the potential for a room, he tackles the space with his wits and bare hands as well. Our condo is a tribute to that.

letter making

And, now so is this bar.

he cut these letters. by hand.

I will say that I'm sorry for the confusion caused by the barfront remaining nameless since we opened.

the tools. the dust. the effort. the reward.

I promise you, however, all with be worth the wait.

clos"er" to bitt"er"

What can I say, he has a vision...

he's building our sign


  1. I'm delighted you enjoyed it, kirstyb.