Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We are amid an adjustment period. For the sake of a dramaless post, I'm putting it mildly. Instead of recounting how rough the last two weeks have been, I want to share with you, patient readers, what gifts our friends have bestowed.


When the word got out- Wait a moment, I don't even think we uttered a request. More accurately, when our friends grew tired of the unclad walls of The Bitter End, they brought gifts.

the bar's borrowed clock

An antique clock salvaged from a father's closed printing shop.

so many gifts from the painter

Armfuls of framed works from The Painter. Seems he paid attention during all of those studio visits when we hinted at, not so discreetly, what art of his we favored.


Holiday flair warms the room all glittery and sweet from PerryA's careful attention.

drink list crafting

An espresso machine drips an amber nectar to encourage a new drink recipe (more on that in a later post).

With these gifts, they are making this bar their room too. I like that.


  1. Anonymous15.12.10

    ask do we.....

  2. Anonymous15.12.10

    AS do we...AS not ask..AS

  3. Much appreciated, Matty. :)

  4. ahhh, jen! always making me smile. wishing you the best of luck with the bitter end. your blogs continue to amaze and amuse me...and make me miss home.


  5. I appreciate your kind note, Heather. Thanks for keeping up with my blogs. :) I hope the posts don't make you too homesick for Poi. Yet, I have a feeling you'd be missing this lovely area anyway. It's hard to be away for too long. I'm fairly new to it all and I feel this way already! xo